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What’s new in EMC Clariion CX4 FLARE 29

CLARiiON CX4 UltraFlex I/O module - Copyright: EMC Corporation.Along with the release of FAST, EMC also released a new version of it’s CLARiiON Fibre Logic Array Runtime Environment, or in short “FLARE” operating environment. This release brings us to version 04.29 and offers some interesting enhancements, so I thought I’d give you an overview of what’s in there:

Let’s start off with some basics. Along with this update you will find updated firmware versions for the following:

    Enclosure: DAE2		- FRUMon: 5.10
    Enclosure: DAE2-ATA	- FRUMon: 1.99
    Enclosure: DAE2P	- FRUMon: 6.69
    Enclosure: DAE3P	- FRUMon: 7.79

Major changes:

  • VLAN tagging for 1Gb/s and 10Gb/s iSCSI interfaces.
  • Support for 10Gb/s dual port optical I/O modules.
  • Spin down support for storage system and/or RAID group. Once enabled drives spin down automatically if no user or system I/O has been recognized for 30 minutes. These SATA drives support spin down:
    • 00548797
    • 00548853
    • 00548829
  • Shrinking of a FLARE and meta LUNs. Note that this is only supported on Windows hosts that are capable of shrinking logical disks.
  • Upgrade of UltraFlex I/O modules with an increased performance, more specifically 8Gb FC and 10Gb iSCSI. Note that only an upgrade is supported, a downgrade from for example 8Gb FC to 4Gb FC will not work.
  • Rebuild logging is now supported on RAID6 LUNs, which means that a drive that may have been issuing timeouts will have it’s I/O logged and rebuild only the pending writes.
  • The maximum number of LUNs per storage group have been upgraded from 256 for all CX4 models with FLARE 28 to the following:
    • CX4-120 – 512
    • CX4-240 – 512
    • CX4-480 – 1024
    • CX4-960 – 1024

You can find an overview with the supported connectivity options and front-end and back-end ports right here.

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