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Shorts: How to check the FLARE version of your CLARiiON?

I decided to introduce something new on my blog. It’s something I’ve decided to call “shorts”. In these shorts I will try to pick some fairly simple and common questions that come up from the searches to my blog and try to give a short descriptive answer to help you out.

So, in this short:

How to check the FLARE version of your CLARiiON?

There are two simple ways to check the release of your FLARE operating environment.

  1. Use the NaviSphere GUI and right click on the array icon inside NaviSphere. Select Properties from the menu and go to the “software” tab. This will give you an overview of all licensed software that is enabled on your array. Should you be in engineering mode, you will find all the software that was pre-loaded on the array, but only those items that have a dash/minus sign in front of them are enabled. In that list of items you should find something like this:
  2. You can also use the navicli or naviseccli to enter the command “navicli ndu -list -isactive” and get a list of all active software on your array. The entry for your FLARE version would look similar to this:
    Name of the software package:        FLARE-Operating-Environment
    Revision of the software package:
    Commit Required:                     NO
    Revert Possible:                     NO
    Active State:                        YES
    Required packages:                   FA_MIB 260, AnalyzerProvider 260, RPSplitterEngine 260, MVAEngine 260, OpenSANCopy 260, MirrorView 260, SnapView 260, EMCRemoteNG 260, SANCopyProvider 260, SnapViewProvider 260, SnapCloneProvider 260, MirrorProvider 260, CLIProvider 260, APMProvider 260, APMUI 260, AnalyzerUI 260, MirrorViewUI 260, SANCopyUI 260, SnapViewUI 260, ManagementUI 260, ManagementServer 260, Navisphere 260, Base 263
    Is installation completed:           YES
    Is this System Software:             NO

As you can see, finding out which version of FLARE you have is actually quite simple. Good luck, and let me know if this works for you.

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