vExpert – Let’s act as if it didn’t happen!

4 07 2011

I received a mail over the weekend. It’s content was something like this:

Dear Bas Raayman,

We’re pleased to designate you as a vExpert 2011 as recognition of your contributions to the VMware, virtualization, and cloud computing communities. You’ve done work above and beyond, and we’re delighted to communicate more closely, to share resources, and to offer other opportunities for greater interaction throughout the year as we continue to grow knowledge and success in the community of IT professionals. Welcome to the vExpert 2011 Program!

[more stuff]

Now, first of all, it’s great to receive such a mail! I’ve been doing a lot of stuff with VMware as a part of my job, but I spend quite a bit of time outside of my job trying to share information related to VMware and virtualization in one way or the other. Being awarded with the title of vExpert is quite cool, and I would like to thank John Troyer and his accomplices who were busy trying to select the the people, reviewing what must have been hundreds of submissions.

But there’s one more thing to this package. Creating good content that people are actually willing to read and feel is valuable to them. After all, you are taking the time to read my posts, and I also need to thank you for that!

So, I’ve decided to do one thing. I’m going to act as if it didn’t happen, and as if I needed to take it up two notches to get the vExpert title. After all, it’s the effort that got me here in the first place, and me working even harder to create some good content can only benefit you as a reader, and myself by learning even more in the process of content creation.

So here’s to receiving the title, and at the same time to acting as if it didn’t happen. 😉



6 responses

4 07 2011

Congrats again!

4 07 2011
Bas Raayman

Thanks! And again, the same to you! 🙂

4 07 2011

Congratulations Bas!!
You totally deserve it…

9 07 2011
Bas Raayman

Thanks Devang!

9 07 2011
tommy van der wal

Congrats Bas. That is a great title to have. good stuff

9 07 2011
Bas Raayman

Hey T, thanks! Long time no see, how’s it going? 🙂

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