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VMworld 2011 #vHunt: Shoot to kill, but only virtually!

If you’re visiting VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas, you’re up for a hunting trip! Like the image says, you won’t be hunting wabbits, you’ll be hunting for people.

If you know what conventions like VMworld and EMC world are like, you also know that it’s usually tough to find people there. And it’s even harder when the person you are looking for is on the move at a convention.

Luckily, you are going to have it somewhat easier, since you’ll receive some hints on where folks are at via Twitter. They’ll also be changing their outfit ever so slightly to allow you to find them (think of caps, hats and the likes). As for myself, I’ll probably be wearing some sort of cap or hat, but you probably won’t be seeing that many folks in a Nascar shirt /bowling shirt that says “vSpecialist” and is sitting in a wheelchair.

Now, why would you want to find me or one of the others? Easy, we’re nice guys and can tell you a thing or two about virtualization integration on EMC. But besides that, you’ll also get the chance to win some cool prizes like iPads, PS3’s or some Iomega gear, sponsored by EMC, Intel, VCE ,Cisco, CSC and Brocade.

So, what’s the deal? Simple, follow these steps and see if you win:

  1. Me and a some others on the vSpecialist team will be tweeting various tasks and challenges throughout VMworld. Day and Night, on the floor, in the labs, in the sessions, at the parties, etc. You can identify those tasks and challenges by looking for the vHunt hashtag “#vHunt” in our tweets. You will find all kinds of things there, facts, trivia or fun challenges.
  2. Every time you respond to one of those challenges or tasks, tag it with “#vHunt. Someone from our team will be watching those responses.
  3. During the convention (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 3x a day, our marketing folks pick winners based on the criteria above, and hand the winners their prize.

That’s all there is to it, we’ll try to not flood you with tweets and make this a fun contest. πŸ™‚

The folks to watch out for are:

You can also follow this list that Matt put together, or just search for the “#vHunt” hashtag.

So, happy hunting and good luck! πŸ™‚

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