Nutanix – 2013 vExpert gift

5 06 2013

nutanix-logo-transparent-hirez300So, this is something I found out just after my first day at Nutanix. There is a Facebook post by Nutanix, stating the following:

Nutanix would like to congratulate all #vExpert winners with a personalized pint glass at #VMWorld! Winners- reach out to us if interested.

I sent out a tweet, and got back a couple of replies. Some folks don’t use Facebook, some won’t be visiting VMworld in the US (or Europe for that matter), and it wasn’t quite clear what info was needed.

In an effort to consolidate this a bit more, I set up a Google spreadsheet, that just has some basic info. Your first name, last name, Twitter handle, and if you will be visiting VMworld in the US or Europe. You don’t have to sign in, editing is possible when accessing the document using the direct link.

Should you not visit, I think we can arrange that the personalized pint glass will be shipped to you, and we will follow up with you regarding details on shipping. Just make sure that you either follow the Nutanix Twitter account, or my Twitter account so that we can send you a direct message should we need your shipping information.

The link to the document is:

And in case you are wondering, I took the liberty of filling out the info of the people who had already replied to me via Twitter. And yes, we will be checking if you are on the official list. 😉



12 responses

5 06 2013
Sunny Dua

Cool.. Thanks Nutanix….

5 06 2013
vExpert 2013 | /usr/

[…] nice perks with the gig. Free training from TrainSignal, a nice personalized shirt from Tintri, A personalized pint glass from Nutanix, and of coarse some beta licenses and early information from […]

13 06 2013

Shirt from Tintri ? Where ? 😉

6 06 2013
New to the vExpert family |

[…] Nutanix is giving out vExpert print glasses at VMworld 2013: […]

7 06 2013

Thanks Nutanix !!!!

10 06 2013
Amitabh Dey

Thanks for this kind gesture! Please add my name: Amitabh Dey. Twitter: @AmitabhPancham

10 06 2013
Bas Raayman

Amitabh, I did that for the folks who had already responded via Twitter. If you’d be so kind, please add yourself to the Google spreadsheet using the link in the blog post. 🙂

10 06 2013

Dear Bas, I have edited the spreadsheet with my details, but not sure if it got populated or not. Kindly check and let me know. Sorry, I perhaps missed the Twitter thing… 🙂

11 06 2013
Bas Raayman

Amitabh, I checked and your details are in the sheet. 🙂

11 06 2013

Thanks mate!

Best Regards, Amitabh | Personal Blog: http://Amitabh-vWorld.Com

On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 4:51 PM, BasRaayman’s technical diatribe wrote:

> ** > Bas Raayman commented: “Amitabh, I checked and your details are in the > sheet. :)” >

12 06 2013

Bas, this is awesome. Add my name to the list, I can’t seem to get to the google doc, let me know if my name is there and if not, please add me, very interested.

Thanks again,

28 06 2013

Wow that is great news! THX Natunix!

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